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Improving human capital through education is a critical piece of the development puzzle.

PDEL projects have pursued innovative and cost-effective strategies to incorporate technology into the classroom and to improve incentives for successful education outcomes for students and teachers.


Andhra Pradesh School Choice Program

Andhra Pradesh School Choice Project

Researcher: Karthik Muralidharan

Private schools are gaining popularity in developing countries and so are government programs that provide vouchers for poor students to attend them. In India, this project measured the impact of providing vouchers to attend private schools on student learning.

Teacher Performance Pay

Researchers: Karthik Muralidharan (UC San Diego), Venkatesh Sundararaman (World Bank)

Can incentives such as pay for performance improve the educational outcomes? This large-scale evaluation of a teacher performance pay program in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh provides evidence that such incentives may be an effective tool.

Leveraging Technology to Motivate Students

Graduate Student Researcher: Sarojini Hirshleifer

This experiment tests whether student incentives can improve learning outcomes. It relies on a novel technology-based learning platform (KA Lite) as a tool to directly reward student effort through both tangible and non-tangible incentives.