PDEL is staffed by the Shared Services Center (SSC) at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. SSC provides administrative support for the School's externally funded research projects, including project management, preaward and postaward fiscal oversight, assistance with the IRB process, event and conference planning and marketing, and editorial support.

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  • Lynne BUSH

    Managing Editor

    Lynne Bush manages print and electronic publications projects for the research programs managed by the Shared Services Center. She is also the primary editor and content manager for the IGCC and PDEL websites, and provides writing and editing support for proposals and reports. Prior to joining UC San Diego, Bush was managing editor of the political science journal International Organization. She received her MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University in 2006. 


    Business Officer 

    Misty Cervantes Nguyen is the business officer of the Shared Services Center at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, which provides specialized professional sponsored research staff services to IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes under GPS. Cervantes Nguyen supervises and manages all programmatic and fiscal activities of the Shared Services Center and serves as principal advisor to the directors. Cervantes Nguyen received her Master of Pacific International Affairs from the School of Global Policy and Strategy at UC San Diego.

  • Nicole DANESHVAR

    Project Manager

    Nicole Daneshvar joined the Shared Services Center in February 2017. She provides project management support to IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes under GPS. Before joining the GPS team, Daneshvar worked at the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego. She holds an MBA from San Diego State University and a BA in communication from UC San Diego.

  • Pamela ENGLER

    Fund Manager

    Pamela Engler is the Shared Services Center's fund manager for contracts and grants under IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes within GPS. With a background in education policy, she previously worked and studied at several universities, including San Diego State University's National Center for Urban School Transformation, Florida State University's Department of Education Policy, University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication, and the University of Maryland, College Park's Educational Technology Center.

  • Angela LINTZ SMALL

    PDEL Grants Writer 

    Angela Lintz Small works with PDEL faculty and staff to develop and submit grant proposals and grant reporting. She collaborates with other groups both on and off UC San Diego campus including contracts and grants, foundation relations, human subjects, corporate relations, and alumni relations, as well as foundation staff, corporate social responsibility representatives, and community members. In her prior development positions, Lintz Small carried out similar duties. At UC Berkeley she was the assistant dean of program development for the Division of International and Area Studies. She has worked extensively in academic enrichment programs, including IDEAL Scholars, Upward Bound, and the Early Academic Outreach Program. Lintz Small earned her PhD in sociology from UC San Diego, where her dissertation research investigated education and social inequality in K-12 schooling.

  • Deborah OGLE

    Conference and Fiscal Assistant 

    Deb Ogle joined the Shared Services Center as the conference and fiscal assistant in July 2016. Previously, she was with the facilities and fiscal group at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. Before GPS, she was an administrative coordinator for the Radiology Department at UC San Diego. Ogle also has extensive experience in the restaurant industry. 

  • Sylvia PLUMMER

    Fund Manager 

    Sylvia Plummer joined the Shared Services Center in July 2016. She is responsible for pre- and post-award administration for IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes under GPS. Prior to joining the team, she worked with UC San Diego health sciences for 12 years in human resources and fund management. Plummer completed her BS in business administration and minor in computer information systems from San Francisco State University. In addition to English, she is fluent in Cantonese Chinese. 

  • Vanessa POOL

    Project Manager 

    Vanessa Pool joined the Shared Services Center in July 2016. She provides project management support to IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes under GPS. Her major projects include the Information and Communication Technology for Accountability grant and the Bangladesh Visual Media Project. Prior to coming to GPS, she worked on international research projects and program development at the Qualcomm Institute, UC San Diego. Pool holds an MA in American studies from Boston University and a BA in history and American studies from UC Berkeley. 


    Project Manager

    Marie Thiveos Stewart joined the Shared Services Center in April 2017. She provides  project management support to IGCC, PDEL, and other institutes under GPS. Her major projects include the Minerva project, “The Evolving Relationship Between Technology and National Security in China: Innovation, Defense Transformation, and China’s Place in the Global Technology Order.” She also oversees the conference management of the Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue. Prior to IGCC, Thiveos Stewart coordinated non-degree programs at the Global Leadership Institute at GPS. She holds a BA in international studies from UC San Diego.