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Services for Faculty

PDEL is staffed by the Shared Services Center (SSC) at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. SSC provides administrative support for the School's externally funded research projects, including project management, preaward and postaward fiscal oversight, assistance with the IRB process, event and conference planning and marketing, and editorial support.

PDEL’s research support facility aims to meet the demands of interdisciplinary social science research at UC San Diego and beyond. The facility offers highly specialized project management support, help in finding extramural support, expertise in grant writing and proposal preparation, and post-award management.

Project Management

PDEL’s project managers take care of all logistic aspects of a research project: contract management, budgets, reimbursements, purchasing, scheduling, monitoring work flow, human subjects applications, and drafting and proofreading reports. Project managers create huge efficiency gains on a research project, allowing researchers to focus on the science.

Fund Management

PDEL’s fund managers perform all aspects of pre- and post-award contract and grant management, from research on funding opportunities to proposal development and financial management of the research project once funded.

Schedule of Rates


Project Management Fund Management

Estimated No. Billable Units (UC Users)



Estimated No. Billable Units (Non-UC Users)



Proposed Rate (UC Users)



Proposed Rate (Non-UC Users)*



*Non-UC Users Hourly Rate includes the current approved

For more information, contact Business Officer Misty Cervantes Nguyen.