Improving Citizen Contact with Police Through Information Technology

Researcher: Nico Ravanilla (GPS)
Location: Philippines

How can increased flows of information between members of the community and law enforcement agencies be encouraged? This project aims to test whether incorporating information technology, and specifically nontraditional means of contact between members of the community and the police, can increase information flows and improve the quality of service provision.

Existing research suggests that increases in communication between the community and the police lead to improved police service provision and higher levels of public safety. The police cannot be everywhere at all times, so they depend on members of the community to provide them with information about suspicious activities, tips regarding potential suspects, and reports of crimes that have occurred.

Researchers will implement a public outreach campaign by Philippine National Police (PNP) officers in Sorsogon Province aimed at increasing flows of information between civilians and the police. They plan to survey about 1,200 residents. The campaign will be supplemented by the use of ICT means of contact, and an evaluation of which method is most effective at increasing information flows.


A baseline survey of residents has been carried out.