Jay Silverman

Jay Silverman, PhD, is director of research for the Center on Gender Equity and Health and a professor of medicine and global public health at UC San Diego. He is a leading global researcher on understanding and preventing gender-based violence against adolescent and adult women (e.g., intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and sex trafficking). Dr. Silverman has led multiple major studies of gender-based violence and its effects on the health of women and their children, with a focus on gendered effects on the girl child. His current research revolves around structural interventions to prevent HIV risk and sex trafficking along the US-Mexican border, building the first reliable, population-based data on the prevalence of sex trafficking in Central America in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as designing and evaluating a program to address chronic threats to adolescent girls’ sexual safety in Washington, DC.
  • Gender-based violence prevention
  • Sex trafficking
  • HIV risk

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