Scott Desposato

Scott Desposato is an associate professor of political science at UC San Diego. He received his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. His general research interests include democratic institutions, campaigning, mass behavior, and political methodology. Specific projects have examined redistricting in the United States, electoral rules and federalism in Brazil, party-switching by politicians, and statistical methods for studying legislatures. His latest project, for which he has received a National Science Foundation award, examines the determinants and impacts of negative campaigning across different institutional settings.
  • Democratic institutions
  • Campaigning
  • Mass behavior
  • Political methodology

Desposato, Scott,  ed. 2015. Ethics and Experiments: Problems and Solutions for Social Scientists and Policy Professionals. Routledge Series in Experimental Political Science.

Journal Articles

Rosario Aguilar, Saul Cunow, and Scott Desposato. 2015. Choice Set, Gender, and Candidate Choice in Brazil. Electoral Studies 50 (3):175–202.

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Cantu, Francisco, Scott Desposato, and Eric Magar. 2014. Methodological considerations for students of mexican legislative politics: Selection bias in roll-call publications. Polıtica y Gobierno 21 (1):25–53.

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