Julian Betts

Julian Betts is a Professor of Economics at the University of California San Diego. He received his PhD from Queen’s University in economics. Much of Betts' research has focused on the economic analysis of education. He has written extensively on the link between student outcomes and measures of public school spending including class size, teachers' salaries, and teachers' level of education. More recently, he has examined the role that standards and expectations play in student achievement. Examples of his work include a theoretical analysis of the impact of educational standards published in the American Economic Review (1998), the book "Getting Choice Right: Ensuring Equity and Efficiency in Education Policy" (Brookings Institution Press 2005) co-edited with Tom Loveless, and the co-authored books "From Blueprint to Reality: San Diego’s Education Reforms" (PPIC 2005), "Determinants of Student Achievement: New Evidence from San Diego" (PPIC 2003), and "Equal Resources, Equal Outcomes? The Distribution of School Resources and Student Achievement in California" (PPIC, 2000).
  • Labor economics
  • Economics of education
  • Immigration
  • Technological change

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