Steffanie Strathdee

Steffanie A. Strathdee, PhD, is the Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences and Harold Simon Professor in the Department of Medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. She is also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and Simon Fraser University.

Dr. Strathdee is an infectious disease epidemiologist who has spent the last two decades focusing on HIV prevention in underserved, marginalized populations in developed and developing countries, including injection drug users, men having sex with men, and sex workers. In the last decade, she has publishedmore than 550 peer-reviewed publications on HIV prevention and the natural history of HIV and related infections and the evaluation of interventions to reduce harm among substance using populations. Currently, she is engaged in a number of HIV/STI prevention projects in Mexico. Dr. Strathdee also directs the UC San Diego Global Health Institute.

  • HIV prevention
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Mexico

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