Ramesh Rao

In his capacity as Director of the UC San Diego division of Calit2, Rao is also involved on a day-to-day basis with a wide variety of research initiatives, including the development and deployment of sensor networks for civilian as well as homeland security initiatives. Rao is also a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Jacob’s School of Engineering. He supervises research on the integration of various wireless standards such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11), CDMA and third-generation (3G) wireless networks (CDMA2000, W-CDMA). As a researcher in the wireless field, Rao's contributions include the development of energy-efficient communication techniques to support mobile multimedia users. Rao served on a U.S. Government panel to review the current status of research, development, and applications in wireless communications in the United States, Japan, and Western Europe, with a view towards evaluating the competitive status of U.S. efforts.
  • Architectures
  • Protocols and performance analysis of wireless
  • Wire line and photonic networks for integrated multimedia services

Affiliated Researchers