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Anita Raj

Anita Raj, PhD, is a Tata Chancellor Professor of Medicine and the Director of UC San Diego's Center on Gender Equity and Health in the Department of Medicine. She is also a Professor of Education Studies in the Division of Social Sciences. Trained as a developmental psychologist, Dr. Raj’s research includes epidemiologic and qualitative assessment of gendered, social, and cultural vulnerabilities for reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health (RMNCH+A) concerns across national settings; assessment of the etiology and public health impact of gender inequities including early and child marriage, intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and son preference; development and evaluation of HIV, unintended pregnancy, and gender-based violence prevention interventions in low resource settings and with socially vulnerable populations including as minorities, people contending with problem substance use, and youth; and application of social and behavioral theories, including gender theories, for measurement development and evaluation research.
  • Gender-based violence
  • HIV and STI prevention
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Substance misuse and abuse
  • Social and gendered disparities in health and health care access

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Fielding-Miller, R., H. L. F. Cooper, S. Caslin, and A. Raj. 2018. "The Interaction of Race and Gender as a Significant Driver of Racial Arrest Disparities for African American Men." J Urban Health. Dec 13. PMID: 30547363.

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