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Drew Hall

Drew Hall is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego. He received a BS in computer engineering with honors from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2005 along with MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 2008 and 2012, respectively. In the past, he has held internship positions with General Electric, Bentley Nevada Corporation, and National Semiconductor Corporation, where he worked on low-power, precision analog circuit design. He worked as a research scientist at the Intel Corporation from 2011 to 2013 in the integrated biosensors laboratory. 

Hall's research interests include bioelectronics, biosensors, analog circuit design, medical electronics, and sensor interfaces. Hall was the recipient of the 2011 Analog Devices Outstanding Designer Award, and took 1st place in both the inaugural international IEEE Change the World Competition and the BME-IDEA invention competition. He received the Hellman Fellowship award in 2014, the ECE undergraduate teaching award in 2014, and the prestigious NSF CAREER award. 

  • Bioelectronics
  • Biosensors
  • Analog circuit design
  • Medical electronics
  • Sensor interfaces

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