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David Lagakos

David Lagakos is an associate professor of economics at UC San Diego. He is also associate editor at the Review of Economic Dynamics and a co-editor of the Journal of Development Economics. He received his PhD in economics from UCLA. He previously held positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis as well as Arizona State University, and is currently a research affiliate with the Economic Fluctuations and Growth Group at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His research focuses on macroeconomic and growth theory. Much of his recent work examines productivity, particularly as it relates to agriculture and developing economies, as well as human capital.
  • Development
  • Economic growth
  • Macroeconomics

Lagakos, DavidBenjamin Moll, Tommaso Porzio, Nancy Qian and Todd Schoellman. Forthcoming. Life-Cycle Human Capital Accumulation Across Countries: Lessons from U.S. Immigrants. Journal of Human Capital special issue honoring Gary Becker.

Lagakos, David
Benjamin Moll, Tommaso Porzio, Nancy Qian and Todd Schoellman. Forthcoming. Life-Cycle Wage Growth Across Countries. Journal of Political Economy.

Lagakos, David, Mushfiq Mobarak, and Michael Waugh. 2017. The Welfare Effects of Encouraging Rural-Urban Migration. Working paper, June. 

Bick, Alexander, Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln, and David Lagakos. 2017. How Do Hours Worked Vary With Income? Cross-Country Evidence and Implications. Accepted at the American Economic Review.