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Uma Karmarkar

Uma R. Karmarkar is an assistant professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at UC San Diego. She holds a joint appointment with the Rady School of Management. Her research develops theory-driven frameworks about consumer behavior “from the brain up.”

Karmarkar’s research falls into two major streams. The first investigates how individuals use the limited information available in uncertain situations to make choices. The second examines how the timing and context-dependent framing of information influences decision-making. In pursuing this work, she combines methods from consumer psychology and behavioral economics with neuroimaging, allowing her to study both conscious and unconscious processes.

Prior to joining UC San Diego, Karmarkar was a visiting professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and an assistant professor in marketing at Harvard Business School. She has a PhD in consumer behavior from Stanford University and a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA.

  • Consumer behavior
  • Neuroscience
  • Consumer psychology
  • Behavioral economics

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